Good's new gardening expert Zoe Carafice is ready and waiting to solve your dilemmas! Each question published on Zoe's blog or in Good receives a fab prize from Tui Garden. This week: advice on which plants don't mind getting their feet wet. Good's new gardening expert

Thrown out of whack every year by daylight savings? We look at some of the potential effects on your body of turning back time. You can’t bluff Mother Nature. The introduction of daylight saving, heralding summer, is out of step with the still-opening buds of daffodils

Honey bees are important for the pollination of all our fruits and berries and many of our vegetables crops. They don’t need us, but we certainly need them. Around the world bees are in decline due to disease and other factors. By maintaining a bee-friendly garden

You can buy bees, catch bees or if you are very lucky bees will adopt you! I got my bees by catching a swarm. Something for nothing is always the best way!You've got the gear, now you need to find productive residents for your empty

The great thing about top bar hives is you don't need all the extra boxes, frames and other paraphernalia that come with conventional hives. All the bees need is in the top bar hive. There are a few other pieces of equipment you do need

Meet Good's new blogger—the gardening, chook and top-bar bee keeping dynamo Janet Luke. Read Janet's first installment on getting started with your own top bar garden hive. Introducing: Janet Luke, Good's new blogger. Plus: Starting with your own top bar hive. I have been thinking of keeping

Will Tong, Rachel de Lacey and their three children have finished their challenge to live for six months without a supermarket, but they didn’t go rushing back to a supermarket when the challenge was done. Now begins the quest for the perfect balance between convenience

Bike Wise Month starts today. Here are some things that I wished I knew when I started cycling, from choosing a bike to accessorising it, dressing myself, carrying gear and mapping a route—and some all-important safety tips. Bike Wise Month starts today. Here are some things

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