Golden syrup and baking soda give these old favourites flavour and crispness. Ingredients: 125g butter2 tbsp golden syrup1 cup flour1 cup sugar3/4 cup desiccated coconut1 cup rolled oats1 tsp baking soda2 tbsp boiling water Preheat oven to 180°C. Gently melt butter and golden syrup together. In a

Serve with toasted pitas, salad fillings, herb yogurt and extra condiments for a delicious meal of homemade takeaways  Recipe Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick Herb Yogurt 100ml (1/2 cup) Greek yogurt Fresh coriander, finely chopped Fresh mint leaves, finely chopped, plus fresh mint sprigs to serve  juice 1 lemon or lime seasoning

You may not be a hoarder or a big shopper but daily life - especially when it involves children or crafts - can fill your home with stuff. Always add and never subtract and you'll eventually bury yourself. Sarah Heeringa tackles the decluttering challenge.  By Sarah

From romantic trips away, to midnight mass, crafts and outdoor activities, here are our picks of what to do this Easter break Visit www.canopycamping.co.nz for more of Lynton Downs  Waitomo caves  Make a pair of linen slippers as seen in Cloth: Over 30 beautiful projects from linen, cotton

The internet is a glorious, seemingly never-ending buffet of interestingness. But as with a smorgasbord, the trick is in finding the delicious and the different and resisting filling your plate with deep-fried fillers. Rebekah White ponders the challenge.   How do we wade through today's vast sea of pointless

Good's gardening expert Kath Irvine explains how to grow your own mini greens that result in bursts of delicious nourishment  Even though I have a huge vege patch, I grow a lot of microgreens, especially through the hottest and coldest times of the year when it's hard

We live in an age of constant communication, but for many that means we've never felt so remote. Ditch the screen and get connected old-skool style with these tips.  Words Jai Breitnauer 1. Be unavailable Between answering emails, texting your husband and checking your holiday snaps have uploaded on

You're passionate about upcycling, always buy free range, and have thank you letters from charitable trusts coming out of your ears. But when it comes to banking, do you principles have to take a back seat? Esther Goh investigates  In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis,

Try these five-minute mindfulness exercises courtesy of clinical psychologist, Chantal Hofstee  Research shows that practising mindfulness has an incredible effect on the brain, lowering stress levels, depression and anxiety, and increasing emotional balance, creativity and how well your body regulates itself. No wonder big businesses such

The Department of Conservation's Battle for our Birds was launched last year against the millions of rodents and stoats plaguing our beech forests and to protect the native birds, bats and giant land snails deemed most at risk. The programme included drops of 1080-laced cereal

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