Zen, Cleanse & Immunity: Red Seal’s new teas are here


You may not know this, but Red Seal is a New Zealand brand, founded in 1923. Their health products are found in all good supermarkets and health stores nationwide. 

Even better, some of Red Seal’s new teas – Immunity and Cleanse – are in partnership with UTZ, a worldwide programme for sustainable farming. Red Seal works with UTZ and UEBT to protect the environment and improve the living conditions of farmers, workers and their families. 

Red Seal’s teas are both refreshing and healthy, and their new range may be what you need. All you need to do is place the bag in your favourite cup, add boiling water, and in 3-5 minutes you’ll achieve maximum extraction and enjoyment! 


Red Seal Zen: Supplemented Food

Red Seal believes that we all deserve moments of “zen” in our busy days, carefully selecting high-quality ingredients to bring a meditative moment to our daily wellness routine. 

A relaxing herbal blend that includes St John’s Wort and Zinc and with a passionfruit flavour, Zen can help to achieve a moment of “zen” in your busy day.


Red Seal Immunity: Supplemented Food

Immunity contains vitamin C, which contributes to normal immune system function and protection of cells from free radical damage. 

Combined with Echinacea, this green tea-based blend is a soothing and delicious addition to your daily wellness routine.  


Red Seal Cleanse: Supplemented Food

For centuries Milk Thistle has been used during periods of body cleansing. 

Cleanse also includes the mineral selenium, which is known to protect cells from some types of free radical damage. 

You can purchase these new teas at all good supermarkets nationwide. 

Note: If you’re taking any prescription medicines, consult your doctor before brewing any of these teas. Also, these teas are not recommended for expectant mums or children. 

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