Workout from home with this new tech device

These days, there are so many different options for how and where we can work out that ‘spolit for choice’ can easily tip into decision paralysis. We often stick with what we know, which sometimes means we miss out on the massive boost to motivation that can come with discovering a new way to train that knocks your gym socks off.

One of the most commonly shared fitness goals, particularly among women, is the desire to tone up – to build muscle to achieve a strong, sculpted physique. This healthy shift away from a desire to be super-skinny is perfectly supported by Vitruvian Form, a new player on the connected fitness scene that has got a lot of trainers very excited.

The V-Form Trainer is a piece of smart tech that brings the absolute best of the gym to you at home. The timing could not be better, with many people hesitant to return to the gym even with, hopefully, the worst of the coronavirus behind us.

The V-Form Trainer has been in development for years, with experts in sports science, physics and exercise physiology working together to develop the innovative algorithms that make the V-Form Trainer a revolution for strength training.

Everyone can use their V-Form Trainer to train like a pro, something that Vitruvian Form’s brand ambassador Amanda Bisk, former Australian pole vaulter and now fitness influencer with a dedicated following, says she’s blown away by. “The technology inside the seemingly simple device is a massive game-changer. You can safely and easily get a matched gym workout at home – no weight racks or spotters required. And there are so many different ways you can use the V-Form Trainer, you’ll never get bored!”

A sleek carbon-fibre platform weighing in at just 20kg, the V-Form Trainer can deliver upto 200kg of weight resistance. Its intelligent technology adapts to your capabilities and interprets how you like to train, always pushing you towards a stronger and healthier workout. It also acts as a spotter, which means you train safely at far less risk of injury!

The connected app communicates with the device to track every workout, so you can instantly see the progress you’re making and push towards new goals. The smart-TV integrated app also contains a huge visual catalogue of coached sessions and classes that easily step you through an entire workout on the device. Of course, these days we love to share our wins and the Form Fam online is a growing community of like-minded people.

The physical and mental benefits of being able to easily access high-quality training like this are inseparable. The eccentric training function (basically, a way to keep your muscles engaged at the optimum times in movements) enables you to really maximise your workouts, becoming stronger and fitter through an increased muscle-to-fat ratio. As you gain muscle, your body burns more kilojoules when at rest.

Improved muscle strength and tone can protect your joints from injury, give you big endorphine boosts and help you to move better than you ever have. Simple everyday tasks just get so much easier to perform and this improved sense of wellbeing has priceless flow-on effects to your self-esteem, confidence, body image and mood.

Vitruvian Form’s pre-launch offer is open now. Reserve yours at www.virtruvianform.com.

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