2018 wine predictions

Co-founder and CEO of online premium wine distributor Vinomofo, Justin Dry shares his wine predictions for 2018.

Love wine? Here are some of Vinomofo CEO Justin Dry’s predictions for the industry in 2018. 

On the wine front: 

  • Conscious consumerism is leading the way for significant growth in the organic, biodynamic, natural and low intervention varietals of wine. For a wine lover, this is a bloody exciting time as these wines are always a bit of a wild card and are exciting on the palate;
  • Millennials are driving the consumption of premium wines in New Zealand – so we’ll see a shift towards more premium, exclusive wines rather than every day quaffing wines.
  • European imports will gain more market share with interest shifting for more ‘old world’ style wines in this market.
  • Rosé will continue to grow and is anticipated to outperform other varietals.
  • Red wine drinkers will see a shift towards lighter bodied reds like Gamay, pinot, and Nebbiolo, particularly in the millennial age bracket. 
  • Whole bunch and skin contact Pinot Gris will be a popular varietal in 2018.

On the e-Commerce front: 

  • 2018 is going to be the year of the consumer; with increased user-generated content, other e-Commerce players have had to seriously lift their game and care a whole lot more about their customers, which means it’s a win, win situation for the New Zealand public.
  • ‘Loyalty programs’ will completely evolve as brand’s need to prove they are worthy of customer loyalty – we’ll see more sophisticated, interactive engagement with customers from e-Commerce players.
  • Personalisation and AI will continue to grow and be fine-tuned to enable a much more beautiful customer experience. We’ve already seen how powerful these tools are, but in 2018 these will be taken to the next level and it’s going to be really exciting. 

Vinomofo is one of the most popular up and coming wine sites in Australia and New Zealand, selling premium and super premium drops from around the world at unbeatable prices and delivering them straight to your doorstep. For more visit vinomofo.co.nz

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