Top ten Instagram garden trends for 2021

With a global pandemic forcing many around the world to spend more time than usual at home, it’s no wonder we’ve started to pay more attention to the environments in which we live.

Outdoor space has become more vital than ever, offering a place of sanctuary and escape from everything going on in the world.  As a result, we’ve become more conscious of the design of our spaces and how to make the most of them, and new design trends have emerged across the year.

If you’re thinking it’s time to give your outdoor space a makeover, the experts at Love the Garden have got you covered. They scoured Instagram for the new and emerging trends set to be big in 2021. Take a look below for the top 10 trends to watch out for:


With more and more of us living in urban areas, balconies have become a crucial space as a means of getting outdoors. No longer content with a bistro set and plant pot, we’ve become much smarter in the use of our balconies and you only need to spend a minute scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest to see the lengths at which people now go to when designing them up.

Clever design is key for these smaller spaces, think about using multiple levels to add depth to the space and make use of the walls and ceiling too – living walls are perfect for maximising impact on your balcony garden.


Rooted in sustainability and a respect for the ecosystem in which you live, wild gardening builds on these principles to create a free and vibrant space.

Moving away from the manicured borders and perfect hedgerows of previous years, instead think long wild grasses, trailing vines and vivacious bursts of colour to create a wild escape in your own back yard.


Creating the perfect flow is key to this trend. Your garden should be an extension of your home, reflecting your style personality in the same way the rest of your house does. Creating a design that acts as an extension of your style, rather than an afterthought, is a way to nail this look.

Use soft furnishings and atmospheric lighting to create a relaxing space that feels like another room in your home, both functional and comfortable.


With the ‘tiny home movement’ sweeping the globe over the past couple of years, it’s no surprise to see #tinygardens trending on Instagram. As with balcony gardening, this trend is all about clever use of space.

Think multipurpose surfaces and vertical optimisation, and a clever use of lighting and colour can also help you create the illusion of more space.


With both practical and aesthetic benefits, it’s no wonder raised bed gardening is becoming more popular.

From a practical perspective, it allows you more control over soil quality and water drainage, as well as deterring some of those pesky pests.

Aesthetically it can help you create a focal point to your garden design, allowing you to build shapes and height to create texture and intrigue.


The ultimate holistic approach to gardening, permaculture brings together different sustainability principles to help you create your own low-maintenance, productive eco-system.

The most important aspect of a permaculture garden is the replication of natural patterns of growth and harvest, and this requires real thought and planning.

If you’re looking to become more sustainable and do your bit for the environment, this is a great place to start.


White and green have always been a classic combination in garden design due to the beautiful effect the two colours have when paired together. But the trend is having a real resurgence this year thanks to minimalist and Scandinavian design trends dominating the style landscape.

The key to nailing this colour scheme is use of texture. Plenty of dark green foliage should act as your backdrop and then choose your favourite white flowering plants to add your points of highlights. Mix white hydrangeas with delicate jasmine for a beautiful contrast and focal point.


No garden no longer means no greenery. Windowsills have always been a good spot for your herb pots or flower box, but people are starting to get more creative with their use of these small spaces. W

hether outside or in, windows offer the perfect backdrop for a mini garden. Make sure you understand the direction your window faces and try to estimate the average hours of sunlight you think it gets; this will help you choose the right plants to thrive in your space.

And don’t just think about using the sill and ledges, hanging plants work brilliantly to frame a window; who needs curtains when you can have a String of Hearts?!


No longer a colour reserved for luxurious, up-market homes, grey is having a real moment in the gardening world too.

Perfect for making a statement, start with natural slates, pebbles, and grey washed woods to build the colour into your space, and then team with large ferns and wild lavender to soften the look and add texture.


Informal gardening styles are making a real comeback. Traditional materials and dense planting are the standout features of the cottage garden trend.

Like wild gardens, cottage gardening is all about vibrancy and a respect for the natural world.

From poppies to foxgloves, an array of beautiful flowers is the key to this trend.

When planting, try to pick plants that flower throughout the seasons to keep your garden looking like a colourful oasis all year round.

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