Socialising on a budget

Five affordable ways to entertain with food.

To help keep your social life alive and interesting without hurting your bank account, here are five ways to cut down your budget while still entertaining your friends and family.

Pot Luck

Having everyone pitch in and bring something to share is a great way to cut down on costs. Plan the meal accordingly so that there are no double ups of dishes.

As the host you could offer to provide drinks as well as one food dish to ease the pressure on guests. This is a simple way to ensure a low-budget event, while enjoying delicious food.

Head Outside

Think about any outdoor spaces you might have near your home and utilise these areas for outdoor gatherings such as birthday picnics, and brunches in the park.

These spaces can provide a beautiful backdrop so no décor is needed. Snack foods and drinks are affordable and you can delegate different parts
of the picnic to your friends. 

Honour Seasonal Produce

Buying seasonally can greatly impact the budget of your dinner party. Seasonal produce is something that is readily available in large quantities during a particular time of the year.

The cost of seasonal fruits and vegetables is significantly lower than buying produce that is imported or grown under harsh conditions. 

Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

If you want to show off your baking skills, try having a dessert party. This kind of party is usually held later in the evening as your guests would eat dinner before arriving.

Guests with full tummies will always have room for dessert but will ultimately eat less, which lowers costs. Dessert parties are an easy way to provide just a few desserts to share between a number of people

Go Big or Go Home

Cooking one large meal can be far more cost-effective than providing multiple dishes. You can focus on buying value bags or family-size portions, which will often save you money.

Big meals such as lasagne or stew can feed six or more people on a low budget. Whip up some homemade bread to serve and you’ve got yourself a hearty meal that your friends will love you for.

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