Ripe for the picking

A day spent picking your own fresh fruit makes for a delicious outing.

How to: Pick your own

1. Call ahead to check availability, as supply can change on a daily basis

2. Avoid planning a PYO trip after a spate of bad weather – rain damages produce

3. Go earlier in the day for your pick of the best fruit and veggies

4. Pack sunscreen, comfortable shoes, old clothes – berries will stain – and a camera

5. Some farms charge for containers, so bring your own. Old icecream cartons work a treat

6. Make handles for your cartons out of ribbon or twine, and they’ll be easier to carry

7. Start out by helping kids identify what’s ripe so they know what to look for

8. Freeze surplus fruit or veggies for use in winter – or make preserves

Photography by Amanda Reelick at Windmill Orchards, 294 Coatesville Highway, Coatesville, Auckland www.windmillorchards.co.nz

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