Pocket Rocket

Photography Amanda Reelick, styling Sarah Heeringa

The general lack of functional pockets in most women’s clothing is well documented and much lamented. As smart phones get bigger, we can end up awkwardly holding phones in our hands, dropping them or leaving them behind.

One crafty solution is to sew a slim-fitting cross-body phone pouch, which can be worn effectively as an outside pocket. Simple and quick to make, you can sew multiple versions for different occasions.

You will need:

fabric (approx. 30 x 40cm)

lengths of cord or strips of sewn fabric (approx. 140cm)

sewing machine and cotton

iron, scissors and pins

snap fasteners (optional)


Step 1: Measure your phone to determine fabric size. Cut a piece of fabric that has a width of 2x your phone width plus 10cm, and a length of 2x your phone length plus 7cm. Fold the fabric in half with right sides facing and press flat.

Step 2: Sew a 1cm seam along the bottom and sides. Fold the top over by 2cm and press this fold flat to make a line. Fold the remaining fabric up to the line and press the second fold edge flat.

Step 3: Turn the pouch right side out, pushing out the corners. Turn the pressed edge inside and pin to close. Sew along this edge.  

Step 4: Push the top of the fabric inside to create the pouch. Press flat. Measure the cord against your body, and attach to pouch either along the sides (as pictured) or on either side of the pouch opening. Attach the snap fasteners to the pouch opening if using.

Tip 1: To make a pouch with a different lining, start by sewing the two fabrics together end on end, to make the fabric rectangle in Step 1. Sew a thin strip of folded fabric to create a matching strap.

Tip 2: Try making other versions of this pouch – for example, in luxe velvet with a silky lining or in reinforced calico with a cord strap. Attach a snap fastener to the pouch opening as required.

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