Over a third of Kiwis are not getting enough sleep


With World Sleep Week this autumn, BraveFace is empowering Kiwis with clinically researched herbal supplements to help them feel calmer, and sleep better.

It’s well known that mental and physical health are linked with your sleep. And research has shown that around 35 per cent of Kiwis are not getting enough of it, with studies confirming that this can lead to poorer self-esteem, greater anxiety and lower life satisfaction. 

What’s causing this?

“Stress is one of the main known contributors to sleep struggles,” says BraveFace founder Katherine Douglas, “which is why we created BraveFace – to tackle stress from every angle and help Kiwis feel calmer and sleep deeper.”

Stressful and anxious feelings can leave your mind whirling while you’re trying to nod off. Busy lifestyles and being out of routine can also impact the quality of your slumber by affecting your melatonin (sleep hormone) production. Basically, modern life doesn’t make restful sleep very achievable.

Six ideas for better sleep

BraveFace clinical naturopath and nutritionist Stephanie Gobbo suggests six easy ways to help you on the path to better-quality rest:

  1. Avoid exercise after 8pm. It’s better to exercise in the sunlight, earlier in the day if possible.

  2. Ensure you’re not going to bed too full or hungry, so that your brain isn’t focused on the wrong thing. 

  3. Ensure your bedding is comfy, your room is dark, quiet and not overheated. Even minor discomfort can be distracting.

  4. Reassess your caffeine and energy drink intake. Cut coffee out completely if you are really struggling or stick to one per day before 11am.

  5. Retire all electronics and devices at least one hour before bed, as blue light blocks our natural melatonin production.

  6. Try a natural sleep product such as BraveFace HeadRest. These herbal night drops combine chamomile and passionflower, both clinically proven to have powerful calming and sedative effects.

BraveFace has received rave reviews for their herbal product range since its release in 2021. An example of feedback from a customer using HeadRest: “I slept eight hours last night, unheard of!”. 

Helpful remedies from BraveFace:

  • LiveCalm: Daily herbal capsules to help you reduce stress long-term and feel calm throughout your day.

  • CoolHead: Herbal stress-relief spray to keep you calm and focused in those moments of overwhelm.

  • HeadRest: Herbal night drops to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

So, if you’re having trouble with sleep and stress, you’re not alone and BraveFace is here to help. 

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