Looks funny, still tastes yummy! Introducing the Hailstone Heroes

‘Nature throws stones’ A late spring heatwave in Hawkes Bay took a dramatic turn with a sudden but forecast thunder, lightning and hail storm.  

After temperatures topped 29C earlier in the week, the ferocious hail storm was short, fast and hit the Hawkes Bay horticultural apple growing areas of Meeanne and Esk Valley, substantially damaging the Yummy™ SweeTango crop.

The exterior of the much anticipated Yummy™ SweeTango Apples were damaged by the hail, some fruit missed it completed but some have been scarred with multiple hail spots.

With the fruits skin now appearing to ‘look funny’, they certainly don’t stand up to the expected premium apple’s striking appearance. However, the exceptional sweet flavour and loud crunch of the Yummy™ SweeTango is perfectly intact beneath the skin; and we believe a few hail spots are insufficient reason to let nourishing, healthy produce, go to waste.

Globally one-third of all food is wasted, with research showing in 2017 kiwis wasted 1.8 billion dollars’ worth of food each year. A contributing factor is produce not reaching the ‘cosmetic standards’ required by supermarkets, regardless of the flavour and goodness still being intact.

This fruit has survived the storm – a true hailstone hero!  So, Yummy™ is asking for your support to help reduce food waste and increase ‘not perfect’ fruit consumption, and encourage others to look and taste beneath the skin! 

Yummy will be marketing these apples as Hailstone Heroes rather than SweeTango due to them not being good enough looking! 

SweeTango is the first apple of the season, available from February to May, or until it sells out! It is many Kiwis favourite apple and eagerly anticipated by thousands of consumers nationwide.

Yummy Fruit company in Hawkes Bay has the exclusive licence to grow SweeTango, very few licences are available worldwide.

Yummy’s™ Hailstone Hero Apples are the perfect low-cost anytime healthy snack. Add to your school, home or work lunches, include with green salads or fruit salads and serve with ice-cream or yoghurt.

They make a great after-dinner low calorie healthy-sweet treat. Yummy™ Hailstone Heroes come in an affordable two-kilo pack. Look out for them at your local supermarket for an RRP of $5.99.

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