Live life big. Keep your worries small.

Stress has almost become synonymous with modern life.

Dubbed the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organisation stress can impact both our emotional and physical health. 

Back in 2017 BraveFace Founder Katherine Douglas recognised that with stress and worry on the rise there were few natural solutions to turn to for support that got to the root cause of the problem and had real evidence behind them.

“If you were stressed or anxious you could pick up a homoeopathic option from the pharmacy or head to the doctor to consider prescription medication but there didn’t seem to be a middle ground. For those wanting an efficacious, natural alternative that not only addressed the symptoms but also looked at what was causing them the only real option was to invest in seeing a Naturopath.”

This is where BraveFace was born- a system of herbal supplements designed to work together to tackle stress and worry from every angle.

The three products aim to cover; rapid relief from overwhelming moments, stress-related sleep disturbances and maintenance for the long-term effects stress has on the body.

The unique proprietary formulations are backed by science and designed to deliver the highest potency of herbs at therapeutic doses.

The product development process took over two years to complete as leading Scientists, Researchers and Naturopaths were onboarded to ensure the efficacy of the products stacked up and all requirements were met.

The result is three products free from alcohol, artificial flavours, colours, fillers and sweeteners, non-GMO and vegetarian friendly with a bonus of coming in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

“I like to think of BraveFace as a tool to have in your toolkit to help you manage the often unavoidable stressors of modern life. Effectively managing stress requires a holistic approach across multiple areas of your life, which may differ from person to person. Finding the toolkit that works for you can help you live life to your full potential,” says Douglas. 

CoolHead Day Spray helps you restore calm and focus during times of stress. It is formulated with passionflower and manuka honey to calm the mind plus Gotu kola to support mental focus.

HeadRest Night Drops helps to quieten your racing thoughts, allowing you to fall and stay asleep. It is formulated with passionflower for its calming qualities and camomile for a sedative effect.

LiveCalm Daily Capsules help you manage everyday stress and sustain calm throughout your day. Formulated with apoptogenic herbs ashwagandha, holy basil and rosemary to soothe the nervous system and manage long-term stress in the body.

Available online, Farro, and selected Life Pharmacy and Unichem.

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