Is MONDAY the future of haircare?

We talk to founder of MONDAY haircare Jaimee Lupton about disrupting the haircare industry.

Jaimee Lupton grew up testing and trying a multitude of beauty products, spending hundreds of dollars on salon-quality haircare every year. Knowing the haircare market was saturated, she set out to refresh the industry, starting by researching haircare formulations. 

It quickly became apparent that salon-quality products could be achieved at a much lower cost than what was currently on the market. Jaimee says “Beauty shouldn’t be expensive – it should work without breaking the bank. My girlfriends and I would always say we wanted good products but didn’t want to spend all our money on them. “

Jaimee Lupton

The result of Jaimee’s perseverance is MONDAY haircare, providing a range of salon-quality shampoos and conditioners at a lower price point, making luxury affordable and accessible on supermarket shelves. MONDAY’s shampoo and conditioner ranges are available in four different varieties – Volume, Smooth, Repair, and Sensitive. 

Even better, MONDAY is produced in an ethical factory, it’s cruelty-free, it doesn’t include nasties like SLS and Parabens, and its bottles are made entirely from recycled plastic. 


It’s not only MONDAY’s formulation that has carefully been thought out. MONDAY is a data-driven brand through and through, where everything from the branding to the packaging caters to what millennials and Generation Z customers care about and want.  

MONDAY’s packaging is designed with the consumer in mind. It allows them to enjoy the feel-good experience of purchasing a beautiful product, as well as the ability to appreciate the millennial-pink aesthetic when it’s not in use. 

However, it’s not just about the look, as MONDAY is also about performance. As Jaimee says, “reviews are becoming far more relevant in this digital age. If your product doesn’t work as it should, you will be found out very quickly.”

Positive reviews are coming in hot and fast on MONDAY’s Instagram account. The verdict so far, including from the Good team, is that by using MONDAY haircare you can say goodbye to bad hair days. 

The proof is also in the empty shelves at the supermarket, making MONDAY an overnight success. In MONDAY’s first week on sale, it took out 83% of the market share from market leader Pantene. Jaimee receives photos every day of empty supermarket shelves around the country and receives continuous messages from customers asking where they can find the product. “We’ve heard about people in the North Island getting their friends in the South Island to purchase MONDAY and send up to them, which is pretty crazy.” 

With a background in luxury communications, Jaimee knows how to resonate with consumers, saying “the important thing is for us to respond to the products our customers want, which is why our Instagram is designed to be a conversation. We want women (and men!) to tell us what they love or what they need, so we can work to make those happen.” 

Jaimee also reiterates the importance of affordable luxury in the current climate. “We just should not be having to spend hundreds of dollars on products which cost a fraction of that to make.” She also emphasises that “tech-savvy generations are smart, they see through bells and whistles or insincerity in advertising, so we work hard to make sure our message is clear and authentic.”

MONDAY Haircare Shampoo - Smooth

We ask Jaimee for advice on how others can develop consumer-driven brands. She says her partner and her visit supermarkets and pharmacies to brainstorm ideas and conceptualise new brands. “The key is to find the white space no one is playing in yet, create your edge and go.”

Always innovating, MONDAY is currently looking at refill options and larger bottles to further improve its environmental footprint. 

We love that Monday is making luxury and sustainable haircare available to the masses; we’ll raise our glasses to that! 

Monday Haircare is available in New Zealand at Superette, New World, Pak’N Save & Four Square, and in Australia at Coles. You can converse with Monday via their Instagram at @mondayhaircare, and find their website at www.mondayhaircare.com

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