How to use overripe bananas

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It’s time to get excited when overripe bananas show up in your fruit bowl.

There are so many reasons to love bananas. They make delicious snacks, giving you energy minus the fats and cholesterol. They make an ideal go-to snack before bed as they are an excellent source of magnesium, calming tryptophan, and potassium, which can help to relax stressed muscles.

When bananas go brown though, it can often be a ‘wah’ moment if we don’t know what to do with them and they end up in the compost. They make for happy worms but not so happy you when they were bananas you planned to eat.

However, there are so many things you can do with overripe bananas, which makes the most of this fun superfruit and also reduces food waste.

Dole is on a mission to talk about food waste and educate people about the fruit’s full potential. The Dole Promise – a pledge the company has made – includes a commitment to have zero fruit loss from Dole farms to market by 2025. So Dole is keen to spread the word about bananas’ versatility – brown or not – to keep bananas out of landfill from home kitchens.

The fact is overripe bananas make so many things taste great. Freeze them and add them to smoothies. Mash them to make moist banana bread or cake,
or to use as a delicious pancake ingredient.

Make your own banana ice cream – it’s super quick to do. Just whizz frozen bananas with milk in a food processor and serve. Baked bananas are another decadent yet naturally sweet dessert. Sprinkle the bananas with brown sugar and bake to make them even sweeter and more caramelised.

Nutritious flapjacks can also be made using mashed banana and healthy seeds. Or whip up an açaí-banana ice cream served over hot or cold oats for breakfast.

You can even eat the skin itself! Dole has some fabulous recipes, including a vegan ‘pulled pork’ bao bun using banana skins. Would you try it?

Banana skins also make a mineral-rich liquid fertiliser for your plants by soaking the skins in water for a few days. Tomatoes in particular love banana water.

With these ideas you’ll never need to throw out your overripe bananas ever again.

Top tip: When freezing bananas, peel them first, then place them in a reusable container in the freezer.

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