Health benefits of riding an e-bike

New Zealand’s first eBike Expo is being held in Auckland on November 10 and 11, 2018. Here are seven surprising health benefits of riding an e-bike.

Riding an electric bicycle is just like, well, riding a bike. But it delivers far more fun owing to the battery and electric motor, which delivers a boost when you need it most. But an e-bike isn’t a motorcycle and despite the instant availability of a helping hand when you need it, e-bikes deliver multiple health benefits. That’s because they encourage you to get out and about more often, putting in a little exercise a lot of the time.

e-Bikes are taking the world and New Zealand by storm as all kinds of people get to grips with these benefits – as well as the sheer fun factor of feeling the wind in your hair. The country’s first dedicated eBike Expo is taking place on 10 and 11 November 2018 at the Cloud, Queens Wharf and gives you the opportunity to give it a go for yourself.

And here are the 7 surprising health benefits you can look forward to:

Reduce stress: There are plenty of them, but you don’t need studies to tell you that exercise is good for you (but here’s one anyway). Getting out regularly on an e-bike will reduce stress and promote relaxation. What’s not to like.

Get some exercise: The motor is there if you need it, but an e-bike still requires you to pedal it. e-Bikes mean even those who have let things go a bit can easily ‘get on ya bike’ and start a light workout. Here’s what the New York Times discovered when out-of-shapers were issued with one. Hint: they got in shape.

Improve your health: Any time you’re doing some light or moderate exercise, your health improves, and it’s no different riding an e-bike. Do it regularly and a (good) pattern emerges. Feel good hormones – endorphins – flow. Your cardiovascular health improves. And because an e-bike is convenient, fast and fun, you’re likely to use it often.

Cut the grump: Sliding into Grumpy Old Person status? It happens to the best of us. Turn that frown upside down with a regular spin on an e-bike; there’s plenty of research which shows exercise improves your mood. You’re likely to sleep better, too, targeting a major factor in the Grump Stakes.

Tap the Fountain of Youth: OK so we’re not going to claim that e-bikes will reverse the ageing process. They won’t. But you’ll certainly feel like a younger version of you when keeping up with that Lycra-clad hard man going up the hills of Remuera. Oh, and regular cycling can make you look and feel much younger. Who doesn’t look more youthful when they smile?

Lose the muffin top: This is the obvious one. Riding a bike burns calories. Riding a bike a lot burns a lot of calories. Your e-bike is such a thrill it’s going to get out more often. With you on it, of course.

Kiss the traffic goodbye: It’s not just an Auckland problem, although it most certainly is an Auckland problem. Bogged down in traffic does nothing for mental wellbeing, we all know that. Give it a skip and buzz through on your e-bike. The motor means you don’t have to arrive sweaty – and you’ll get there faster, too.

e-Bikes are a great way to start cycling your way to improved health, fitness and general wellbeing. It will motivate you to get into New Zealand’s great outdoors, giving mind and body a boost and a break from today’s hurley burley.

Pop along to the eBike Expo 10 and 11 November 2018 to check it out for yourself. Visit the Auckland Transport and Bike Auckland stands to discover more about Auckland’s biking infrastructure and future plans.


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