Healing through fermentation


Boost your gut health and feel your best with Living Goodness fermented foods.

While living a fast-paced life in London, Peter Kearns was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, a serious digestive issue, and candida, a common yeast imbalance. 

Needing a radical lifestyle change, he started researching alternative therapies to heal himself. In the end, all his research led to the science of probiotics and the incredible benefits of fermented foods for gut health.

Kearns embarked on a journey of discovery, making his own fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, in the hopes of curing himself. After six months, his inflamed pancreas had settled back to normal and he had significantly reduced his candida levels. Amazed at the results of a diet high in fermented foods, he and partner Fiona Dykes hatched the idea to create a probiotic food brand. After moving back to Aotearoa New Zealand in 2015, the pair launched Living Goodness – and it’s been going strong ever since.

From hand-bottling the first few jars to sell at a local market, to launching a custom-designed factory in Helensville, northwest of Auckland, Kearns and Dykes have been on quite a journey. And their product range has grown with them. Living Goodness now produces five flavours of sauerkraut, a yummy kimchi and a new kimchi and coconut milk dip. Whether you’re after a classic flavour combination or an inventive new option, Living Goodness has just the ticket.

Living Goodness fermented foods are a fantastic way to add a flavour kick to a wide variety of dishes. Whether you add a bowl to platters and cheeseboards, mix them through your salads, add a layer to sandwiches or toasties or mix through rice, they elevate dishes of all kinds to the next level. 

Living Goodness recommends keeping its fermented food range refrigerated at all times to keep the good bacteria dormant. That way, you’ll reap the benefits of fermented foods every time you have a spoonful!

It’s a great idea to have a spoonful on a regular basis. A daily 1-2 tablespoon can boost your gut flora and result in a host of health benefits – but it’s a good idea to start off with a smaller amount and build up slowly over time if you’re new to sauerkraut or kimchi.

Are there any ‘don’ts’ for enjoying Living Goodness fermented goodies? The team advise against using a dirty utensil to scoop out of the jar because you want to avoid cross-contamination. Introducing bad bacteria into the jar on a dirty utensil can kill the good bacteria in the product, so it’s best to avoid eating straight from the jar, as tempting as it is!

It’s also a good idea not to heat up fermented products past 40 degrees Celsius, as doing so kills off the good bacteria. Instead, try adding a dollop of sauerkraut or kimchi to your dish just before serving.

You can pick up a jar of Living Goodness sauerkraut or kimchi at most specialist food stores – or head to New World, Pak’n’Save, Foursquare or Fresh Choice. For a full range of stockists, as well as plenty more serving ideas, head to the Living Goodness website.

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