Five reasons why solar power shines supreme

Did you notice that the power companies put up their prices just before winter started this year? In fact, over the past 20 years power prices have gone up more than 150%. Now there’s a way to beat those rising power prices with a smart, new solar energy service. It’s called solarZero and here’s why it’s so great.

Reduced energy bills over the long term

Homeowners can generate more affordable, cleaner power by going solar and enjoy long term savings, says Andrew Booth, CEO of New Zealand’s leading energy services company, solarcity. “In doing so you can minimise your dependence on the grid and take back control of your energy bills,” he says.

No equipment costs

With the company’s solarZero energy service you can go solar without the cost of buying a solar system. You buy clean, affordable solar energy, generated on your roof by solar panels which the company owns and manage with a 20-year equipment guarantee.

Fixed price

You simply pay a low, fixed monthly fee for energy services providing solar power and improved energy efficiency. The price you pay is locked down for the next 20 years which means that, if power prices continue to increase as they have in the past, you could save thousands of dollars over the long term.

Solar is a renewable energy source

About 20% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated by burning coal and gas which releases climate damaging CO2. Fossil fuels are also a diminishing resource. Solar energy is a smart alternative as it is safe, reliable and will never run out. By switching to solar power you’ll be helping to protect the environment and helping New Zealand to become powered on 100% renewable electricity.

It’s never been more flexible or affordable

solarcity is the only company in New Zealand which gives you the choice of buying solar as a service (with solarZero) or buying a solar power system outright (with solarClassic). They also offer solarZero+ which combines solar panels with battery storage so you can power your home on the sun’s energy at night as well. For added peace of mind the battery can also supply emergency backup power for a few critical devices if the grid goes down.

The team at solarcity will work closely with you to assess your home’s energy needs so they can recommend the best solar option for you.

This all means there are so many options for solar power capbilities in your home that can be tailored for you. The team at solarcity will work closely with you to assess your home’s energy needs so they can recommend the best option for you. Solarcity are also and the exclusive stockists of Panasonic Home Storage Batteries.

To find out what solarcity’s services, including solarZero and solarZero+ can offer you, visit solarcity.co.nz

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