Natural beauty with Emma Peters

Make-up artist Emma Peters is the founder of online conscious beauty portal Belle & Sage, and regular collaborator with Good magazine. We chat to Peters about her best beauty hacks, natural beauty and what’s in her beauty bag.

How did you get into the beauty industry, and why have you stayed?

I’ve been interested in makeup ever since I was a kid, hanging around the makeup room at the TV studio my mother and stepfather worked for in Canada. I dabbled in doing makeup all through high school and early 20s until I finally make it my full-time job. I’m still here, because I love being able to transform people and better yet teaching them how to transform themselves. Natural health and wellness have always been a passion of mine too, so bringing these together creates my perfect realm.

What is conscious beauty to you?

Conscious beauty for me, goes way deeper than just using natural makeup. I think it extends to food and lifestyle and to how we treat the planet and each other. Belle and Sage is french for beauty and wisdom and I believe that they are one in the same. Conscious people are happy people and happy is beautiful. 

Why do you choose to work with the products you do?

I’m quite picky when choosing my products. I like to know that they’re not only kind to me, but kind to animals and the planet as well. AND… they have to be the best! Having been in the beauty industry for over 20 years (!!) I don’t stand for products that don’t do what I need them to do, and they need to last the way I want them to last. Everything I use is carefully chosen for their clean ingredients and beautiful performance. If something doesn’t fit, I’ll omit it from the store. And sometimes there will be ingredients, that I’m fine with including if it’s in a small eyeshadow applied occasionally but not in all over body moisturiser applied every day. And then there’s a long list of ingredients that I will definitely not include in the products I choose.

Describe your personal beauty routine?

My beauty routine can be super quick or extensive, it depends on the day. Usually though with two small children and a business, I opt for the quick version! For skin care, my go to’s are Girl Undiscovered Cleanser, Snowberry Intensive renewal serum, Snowberry Rich Day Cream. I believe makeup should be quick and easy for day to day, and as fun and lavish as you want when you have the time.

For makeup I can’t go anywhere without mascara, it’s a must, and I love Eye of Horus Bio Lash lift mascara. Concealer and foundation are also staples, I’m secretly working on my own blend, so I’ve been playing around with that (watch this space!) Then a little tint on the cheeks, usually a multi stick or a lipstick used as a blush. I love the way a cream product blends for natural cheek colour.

What products can we find in your kit, and why?

My kit contains so many products it’s hard to narrow things down, but the most used would have to be Inika foundations, both liquid and mineral powder, for their coverage and versatility. They’re layerable , so it’s easy to get a sheer coverage, or a full coverage. Again, Eye of Horus bio lash mascara is fantastic. My favourite product for using on photo shoots is Bite Beauty Multi stick, they’re so versatile, densely pigmented and can be used as a lip stick, blush or eyeshadow, and layered underneath other products for more depth and long lasting ability.

What is your best beauty hack?

Come at it from all angles! Beauty is not just about what you put on your face. For instance, collagen is really big right now, so my favourite products to enhance collagen are, The Beauty Chef Collagen boost, which assists the body in making collagen, then Nutra Organics collagen powder that I put in smoothies, and then I use Snowberry Intensive Renewal serum to increase collagen from the outside.

What is inspiring you most right now in the beauty industry space?

I’m loving that the world is waking up to natural beauty. I remember several years ago when I started my natural beauty store (in it’s previous incarnation), I kept getting told that it would never take off, there’d never be a big enough market for natural beauty! It’s also incredibly inspiring to see science and natural beauty working hand in hand to create a new generation of amazing products. It’s very exciting and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

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