Emma Dilemma spits the truth about her debut album SPIT

Emma Dilemmas’ debut album is named SPIT to reference the Kiwi artist ‘spitting out’ things that she has wanted to put in songs for a long time.

The up-and-coming artist, also known as Emma Cameron, is eager to bring her album shows to alt-pop-rock lovers around New Zealand during her intimate album tour across Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, and Tauranga.

“I’m looking forward to playing live again. I haven’t had the opportunity to play live a lot since the pandemic started, so I’m looking forward to being on stage and connecting with people, having a boogie, and just letting the rest of the world disappear,” she says.

The eclectic album combines her penchant for viewing life through an absurdist lens with her love for melody and storytelling to create music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“I like to pay homage to comedians and artists from the 90s for being silly, weird and just having fun and pointing out the absurd things about life,” says Cameron.

You may know her previously from Christchurch rock band Decades, but SPIT brings something chaotically unique to Kiwi music.

“I describe my music as post-genre because I’m not really trying to put myself in a box. I just like to write songs and ideas and tell stories – and then the genre of music of each song can be different, so the music is a little bit of something for everyone,” says Cameron.

SPIT features songs about Cameron’s stories, outlook on life, craft, and humour.

“Growing up, I think I took music a bit too seriously and felt the pressure that I had to say something profound, serious, and poetic,” she says. “But now I’m just inspired by saying what comes out naturally and following the silliness and the fun of that.”

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