Decipher your goals with this game-like app


Goalie is set to launch into Australasia this August and aims to transform the way young people plan and prepare for their futures.

Founder and CEO, Brooke Lowry came up with the idea in 2018. “Young people are faced with so many choices that decision-making can be stressful and overwhelming. So much so, that often no decisions are made or poor decisions because the process is so stressful.”

Brooke Lowry

Lowry hails from Papakura, has a background in IT and was previously working making software for a Sydney bank. “I’m the parent friend my friends come to for advice, so I wanted to create a tool to help them understand themselves better, make and plan, and take action.”

The Goalie app will encourage users to put their desires first to help them find their purpose. The app gamifies the concept, allowing users to decipher their true goals and their value in terms of career, health, finance, and study goals. 

Lowry says struggling to keep up with parents’ and society’s expectations such as getting married, buying a house, and having kids, alongside global environmental and political issues can feel like a heavy burden on a 21-year-old trying to figure out their purpose.

“People spend their whole lives trying to find their purpose. They get so caught up in the little things that they constantly put off the important things. By having small targets, experimenting and seeing them every day, young people can be constantly reminded of their goals, checking in with them, reaping the rewards and living by them.”

To keep up to date with Goalie’s development and launch, check it out on Instagram @goalietheapp.

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