Curious About Creating An Organic Vegetable Garden?

A female and male planting an organic vegetable garden.

Organic Week Aotearoa is on from May 1 – 7, 2024.

It’s Organic Week Aotearoa and for those interested in making a transition to a more sustainable lifestyle can join the Organic Living Labs Series of online workshops to cultivate knowledge. 

Conveniently timed in the evenings on weeknights or in the morning over the weekend on Zoom, the topics cover preserving, lowtox living, composting, and starting an organic food cooperative to name a few. Find the full list here:  https://organicnz.org.nz/organic-week-events-homepage/.

Organic Week is a friendly reminder to consider challenging the status quo and looking at the quality, health and biodiversity of the soil impact the food we grow.

Robyn Guyton is hosting an online workshop during Organic Week about how to start an organic food cooperative.

The Kete Ora Trust funded an extensive first-stage study by Plant & Food Research examining the links between growing systems and nutrient-dense food and found that food nutrient density has declined rapidly since the 1940s due to agriculture practices and applications. 

The soil is becoming so poor that there are now concerns it takes twice as many plants or vegetables to get the nutrients you would get out of just one organic one. For a well-rounded diet, we are starting to lack important minerals and vitamins. 

It can always feel overwhelming to consider large-scale change – just how would we convert growing land to organic? Many businesses and agencies are working on this. The best we can do, as an individual, is to control what we can. In our backyard! Even if you’re living in an apartment, you can grow your herbs and vegetables in pots.  

Sarah Reddington is hosting an online workshop where she will provide tips on lowtox living on a budget.

Inspire conversation with friends and family, join the seminars and support organic businesses around the country by buying from them when you can. There’s a lot you can do as a consumer to help pave the way to a more sustainable Kiwi lifestyle. 

You might already be a seasoned organic (backyard) farmer. So try extending this knowledge further with the Organic Living Labs on Zoom. 

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