Creating an at-home wellness space

After spending a good deal of time in our homes over the last couple of months, it has made many of us realise how important it is to have a beautiful and calming space to retreat to.

However, creating an at-home space just for you can be a challenge, especially when members of your household are competing for your time and attention.

A wellness space is one where you can take time out for you, whether it’s listening to a podcast, reading a book, meditating, or painting.

This space should not be one you associate with other parts of your house where you work, sleep or eat, but instead a space solely dedicated to self-care, recharging, and doing what you love.

The team at Spotlight know a thing or two about creating mindfully oriented indoor spaces to boost relaxation and ensure you have an oasis all on your own – a spot that anyone can be excited to come home to. Check out their five tips on how to do this below.

Choose the right location, making sure it is tucked away from loud areas (such as the kitchen or living room), to ensure the space stays quiet and relaxing. You can transform a corner in your bedroom, the study, or if you’re lucky enough to have one, a sunroom can make for an excellent relaxation zone. Choosing a room or space with plenty of natural light is also bound to be a winner.

Include natural elements such as greenery, wood or natural fibres like linen. Including natural elements in your space (otherwise known as biophilic design) is great for your wellbeing, as it connects the indoors with nature and creates a sense of calm.

Stimulate the senses! Choose a scent to match the mood and tie everything together, and achieve this with the addition of candles or diffusers. Including elements that stimulate your sight, touch, smell and hearing creates a holistic space that while being calm, is equally as stimulating and interesting for your mind.

Make your space unique. At Spotlight we champion the notion of ‘It’s what you make it’, and we love the idea of creating a calming space that is unique to you. Everyone’s idea of relaxing is different, and there’s no one size fits all so we suggest personalising your calming at-home room/space – you might consider some on-trend ‘ombre’ or a splash of colour – something that sings to your soul.

Cosy it up! What’s a zen space without a touch of comfort? Make sure you have a plush rug and some sumptuous cushions to dress up your best-loved sofa or chair and recline away from there.

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