Countdown and kiwi start-up is set to re·volutionise how you clean for the better

Re·stor launches genius new Laundry Detergent Sheets as an alternative to powder and liquid.

re·stor is a New Zealand start-up on a mission to re ·volutionise the household cleaning and laundry category through innovation and sustainable design.

Launching with a range of naturally-derived, ultra-concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets, re.stor sets out to create cleaning alternatives for a modern home that eliminate single-use plastics and consciously conserve resources.

How? By removing the 90% + water that makes up traditional laundry and cleaning liquids and concentrating them into easy-to-use and affordable new forms.

Each pre-measured, 100% dissolvable sheet is most accurately described as ‘dehydrated laundry liquid ’, and is a completely new alternative tola un dry liquid or powder.

They provide the same great cleaning power but with no measuring, no messy powders, no spilt liquids and no plastic waste.

Simply place the sheets into any type of washing machine’s drum with your dirty clothes, giving you the convenience of laundry capsule pods without the large plastic containers or hefty price tag.

One box of 60 sheets is equivalent to 1.8 litres of liquid or power, lasting up to 60 washes but weighing 90 per cent less than traditional detergents which means they tread more lightly on the planet and are extremely travel friendly.

Later this year re·stor will be launching a household cleaning range with beautifully designed re·fillable bottles and cleaning tablet re·fills.

A genius innovation where you are able to simply fill a spray bottle with water and drop in a dissolvable cleaning tablet that has all the active ingredients you need to make a range of all-purpose bathroom, kitchen or glass cleaners.

True to the Kiwi companies mission of reducing single-use plastics and the category’s footprint, the stylish bottles are endlessly refillable, made from 100 per cent recycled plastics and they’ve stripped out the need to truck unnecessary water around.

Re·stor has been created by EY Entrepreneur of the year 2019, Grant Taylor who is well known in the FMCG space and trusted by New Zealand families, having founded the hugely successful company Rascal & Friends Nappies.

“Just like with Rascal & Friends we’ve set out to create a more sustainably designed option that performs and exceeds expectations at an affordable price. It’s the merging of these three pillars that enables us to make a greater change for the better.”

Grant Taylor

Countdown’s laundry and home category manager, Luke Bianca, is working closely with the brand to deliver affordable eco-friendly options at supermarket scale.

“We’re really committed to providing our customers with products that help them reduce their impact on the planet. We want to make being sustainable easy and affordable. By developing convenient, plastic-free or refillable solutions you can do at home, Re·stor is solving this problem.”

Bianca has already introduced a dedicated ‘Concentrated Cleaning’ section in the cleaning aisle and will expand further by introducing the Re·stor cleaning range later this year.

Available exclusively at Countdown nationwide from October 4th and coming soon to SuperValue and FreshChoice.

Re·stor are giving you the chance to trial their new Con centra te d Laundry Sheets with FREE samples by signing up on their website.

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