Change up your home décor in lockdown with these 3 tips

Getting bored of your surroundings since being in lockdown? We understand. Seeing the same walls and décor for 6 weeks straight can lead to you wanting something new. Luckily, most retailers are now shipping online orders at level 3. Here are three quick ways to change up your home décor without doing too much work.  

Cushions and throws

 change up your home décor

When you want your furniture to look like new, or deliver an updated aesthetic, soft additions like cushions and throw blankets are great. They work well because they offer colour, texture, and size difference. 

Tip: if you want a soft, neutral aesthetic, grab soft additions within a colour palette of two to four colours. 

Art pieces

 change up your home décor

Art adds a layer of depth and personality to a space. If you have existing art hanging then feel free to swap it out for something new and exciting.

It’s important to choose something that compliments the room’s colour palette. Now, I don’t mean match, I mean compliment. Matching can sometimes lead to a heavy amount of one colour, but to compliment means something that either contrasts or is a part of the room’s overall palette.

Décor pieces

 change up your home décor

Trinkets, décor, ornaments, small furniture, whatever you want to call them. Décor pieces can offer a lot of colour and style into a space. Perhaps your living room has an empty corner. Why not grab a floor lamp and plant to add some extra light and air-purification to the space.

House plants are trending at the moment because of the colour and liveliness they bring. Try putting house plants in planter or pots that are a part of your living room’s colour palette so they still tie into the overall theme. Other great décor options include vases, candles, trinket trays, and fun ornaments. These are usually affordable and the easiest way to change up your home décor. 

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