Brooke Styles shares why crafting is essential for children’s development

After months of lockdown home-schooling and summer holidays, the truth is parents want to keep their kids occupied with quirky activities or experiences before school returns, but sometimes finding new things to try can be tough. 

Enter Brooke Styles, a DIY expert who has created cheap, easy and sustainable mini projects using items around the house for the family to try in celebration of Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania which is now available on Prime Video. We spoke to Styles as to why crafting is essential for children’s brain development and how to recreate iconic children’s films at home.

Is it easier for kids to focus on something creative if it’s based on their favourite movie? Why?

It certainly is! When it’s based on their favourite movie, there’s a lot more inspiration behind the creation. Particularly with Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania – it’s super-visual and kids can really harness their creativity to devise things that make it feel like they’re in the movie themselves.

How do creative activities at home help with children’s brain development?

It’s so important for children to have creative activities to develop problem-solving skills, focus and concentration in an engaging way! Learning new skills and focusing on tasks from start to finish, it’s a perfect way for kids to have fun while they learn.

What are the most common materials used when creating mini-products for kids?

I love to use things that we have at home already and give used items a second life. Kids can use old cardboard boxes, an old bedsheet, and some paint to have an endless amount of fun using their imagination and getting creative.

Brooke Styles

How easy is it for parents to help their children understand the process of creating a Drac’s cape or turning the living room into Drac’s lair?

The projects are designed to be easy enough for kids to do with some parental supervision. My best advice would be to watch the movie with your little ones and immerse yourself in Drac’s world while having a go at the mini-projects.

Is this a good activity that parents can do with their kids as a bonding experience?

Absolutely! Crafting is an awesome way to bond, and it’s not just for parents – uncles, aunties, grandparents and family friends can join in the fun too. It’s rewarding to tackle projects together and see the craft come to life. I’ve partnered with Prime Video to develop these activities to give families something fun to do over the break and it makes it even more entertaining while streaming your favourite movies.

Do you have any tips for parents when coming up with ideas for creative projects?

Getting inspiration from movies like Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania helps get the creative juices flowing and makes for a fun link between movies and real life. Watching the movie together, then crafting to bring the movie into your home, makes for an awesome school holiday activity. 

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