Photography and styling Aimee Finlay-Magnee Refreshing and delicious, treat yourself to our sin-free, all-natural iced dessert. With summer is in sight, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing bowl of Blackberry Whip. This super quick and easy recipe, packed full of natural ingredients, is perfect for a mid-afternoon snack.  The hero ingredient is

Ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg add some wellness and warmth to your smoothie ritual. This spicy, creamy drink is not only delicious and filling, it also feels like it fuels me “well”. Ginger is a known anti-inflammatory and great for immune function, while cinnamon can play a part

Every morning I do a movement ritual. I either lift weights, go running or stretch out with some yoga. Last year I learnt how to do double-under skipping, which was such a hard challenge, but so satisfying to get results. For those who don’t know

A breakfast bowl that you'll leap out of bed for every day. This granola is my all-time favourite. It is so delicious you’ll be surprised that it’s also healthy! Don’t tell the kids!Ingredients: 1 ½ cups raw almonds½ cup pecans½ cup cashews½ cup sunflower seeds2 cups

From issue 55.While it's great in a sandwich, peanut butter is also perfect in a frappé. Peanut butter is so popular in New Zealand kitchen cupboards. Who else remembers racing home from school to raid the pantry and make peanut butter and honey sandwiches? It's a

Recipe and words Rachel Grunwell. Photography and styling Aimee Magne My kids eat all kinds of veg without even realising it, chuckle! Like this smoothie – with a cup of hidden cauliflower. This veg makes the texture of the smoothie even creamier. So it’s there because

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