Inflation and interest rates are buzzwords peppering headlines, and some commentators are painting a grim picture. So what’s inflation, can interest rate hikes cool the inflation jets, and how can we be mindful with money?  Strange economic forces have been at play since the global financial

Illustration by Bridget Daulby Our brains crave certainty. When we focus on what we can control, we thrive, and taking charge of our money is empowering and rewarding. Research shows when we look after our financial wellbeing, we lift our entire wellbeing. And it starts with defining

Illustrated by Bridget Daulby MADE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X HATCH. Oh, the complexities of money! Money can be linked to feelings of power, exhilaration, and being in control, but it can also cause fear, guilt, shame and envy. Did you know that your relationship with money started

Illustrated by Bridget Daulby In the last 10 years, technology has transformed everything from transport to accommodation and now, investing. Online investing platforms have removed the barrier to getting started so everyday Kiwis can put their money to work. One great way to do that? The share

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