Buying pork raises lots of environmental and ethical questions – which is not something you want to grapple with when you’re just after a ham sandwich. Andy Kenworthy surveys the various labels to help you tell the difference between pork and porkies. Imported pork New Zealand imports

Few of us enjoy the last-minute, late-night jostle with the crowds at the mall, trying to find that elusive present that says we care. Do your preparations for Christmas feel overly commercialised, or even a bit out of control? Add significance – and avoid the stress

Food's all around us – we just need to learn how to see it, explains the UK foraging queen Alys Fowler. Read on to learn more about finding food in unusual places Food is all around us – we just need to learn how to see

Splashing about in a cool, freshwater stream – it’s as much a part of the Kiwi childhood as a sun-soaked day at the beach. And it’s all part of the legacy we want to pass on, right? Damian Christie looks into the state of our

Conventional fabric dyeing can be hugely polluting, with toxic waste discharged into waterways – but one Kiwi brand is finding a better way. Forget sweatshops for a moment: one of the toughest challenges ecominded fashion designers face is colour. Modern fabric dyes include toxic heavy metals

Deryn Schmidt’s commute takes a matter of seconds. She doesn’t even have to leave the garage of her Porirua home – the family car’s been banished to make space for bolts of cloth and a sewing machine. It’s in this humble workroom that her elegant,

Cider is like liquid sunshine. Forget what you think you know about this delectable drink – Kiwi cider makers have revived this classic in an array of styles. Here are 16 refreshing and food-friendly drops for the sun-drenched days ahead Photography by Tony Brownjohn Still or sparkling,

When it comes to our appearance, nothing says health more than a bright sparkly smile Dental hygiene is a crucial part of good health, but are we absorbing toxic substances through our toothpaste? Take a look at the small print on the side of a regular

'Tis the season for sumptuous home baking – perfect for gifts, visitors or late-night indulgences alike. By Sarah Heeringa. Photography Jane Ussher Lavender shortbread A classic Christmas biscuit with a dash of fresh lavender flowers for a hint of fragrance and flavour. Perfect with tea or as a

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