Sunshine, sea, and summer days can dehydrate your hair, so make sure you fight back with products that nourish and condition to keep your hair in tip-top shape.  Ethique's founder Brianne West shares her tips for managing your mane through the heat. The Ethique Frizz Wrangler Bar™ is a solid shampoo for dry and damaged hair that helps keep tresses smooth and shiny, even on

Body talks, taking charge of your finances and a wellbeing reset with Dr Libby Weaver are just some of the highlights of Good magazine’s special “wellbeing” issue! Dr Libby shares a delicious liver loving recipe as well as tips for creating a daily wellbeing practice that works for

The past couple of years have undoubtedly had an effect on all of us, with many of us feeling the weight on our psychological wellbeing. In 2022 it’s time to prioritise your mental health, just like you would your physical health. Below Lysn psychologist, Nancy Sokarno details

Families and friends currently unable to visit immune-compromised loved ones through Covid times have been sending them The Raffy - a carry bag packed full of essential personal items for cancer patients to take to treatment sessions. The Raffy contains at least 17 personal gift items, each meticulously researched

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