Angel Food dairy-free cheddar

New Zealand’s first-ever vegan cheddar Angel Food is a plant-based alternative that’s good for animals, people and the planet.

Angel Food Dairy-Free Cheddar Alternative

Angel Food is a leading innovator for dairy-free products and after a decade in business, they’ve used their knowledge and know-how to create New Zealand’s first-ever vegan cheddar, which is available in supermarkets now. It’s a plant-based alternative that’s good for animals, people and the planet.

Here at Good magazine, we’ve tried this healthy hot-new block and love it, especially because, as we all know, eating a bit less dairy is a good thing for the environment.

Angel Food Dairy-free Cheddar Alternative makes a great topping on scones.

However, unfortunately in our latest issue, we have published an incorrect detail about Angel Food’s product. We incorrectly wrote that their vegan cheddar contains GMO corn. IT DOES NOT and nor would we ever advocate for Good magazine readers to support or buy GMO foods. Sorry about that. Typos can happen to the best of us!

Instead, Angel Food’s vegan cheddar is cleverly made from peas, sunflower and corn. As well as being dairy-free and vegan, it’s also gluten-free and contains no soy or nuts. It’s also certified by the Vegetarian Society.

This plant-based alternative is just one of many made with love by Angel Food’s passionate owner, local food producer and proud vegan, Alice Shopland, whose range also includes other delicious vegan products, including a salami and smoked salmon alternative.

“Cheese is one of those things that many people find the hardest to give up when they go dairy-free,” says Angel Food CEO and founder, Alice Shopland. “That’s why we’ve created this convenient, tasty substitute. We want to make it easy for people to cut back on dairy.”

Four good ways to serve up vegan cheddar

  1. Sliced thinly to provide a moist base for your favourite cracker toppings

  2. Added to a vege burger so it packs a cheesy punch

  3. Melted inside vegan cheese toasties
  4. Grated on top of your favourite baking. We love to use ours for a crunchy top on our dairy-free cheese scones.

​​​​​​​For this recipe and more, head to angelfood.co.nz/recipe/cheese-scones/

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