Allbirds Natutral Run Collection

Activewear is designed to help you work up a sweat.

But it also works up a ton of carbon.

The athletic industry’s MPV – polyester – runs on enough oil to power 47,000 cruise ships, and spews 700 million tons of carbon (70 million football fields) into the atmosphere on an annual basis.

It’s even become a permanent fixture on our ocean floors, with 14 million tons of microplastics that break down into smaller and smaller particles but will never fully disappear.

Making up 55 per cent of all clothing, polyester’s cheap production cost has made it a go-to for nearly everything we exercise in, from the everyday athlete to those competing for gold medals.

The result: in pursuit of our personal bests, activewear’s dependency on oil-based plastic fabrics has left the Earth is much worse shape.

Out physical fitness shouldn’t hurt our planet’s health.

The only way to win is to play on nature’s team… meet Allbirds Natural Run Apparel.

An evolution on their belief in nature-powered performance, Allbirds Natural Run Apparel allows you to work hard while treading light.

After 2 years and more than 70 iterations, their first performance apparel collection was put to the test over thousands of hours and met industry benchmarks for breathability, sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and comfort stretch.

Their Natural Legging even proved to be up to 2x more breathable than leading synthetic pairs on the market, demonstrating that natural materials can go toe-to-toe with plastic – and win.

But the ultimate test came down to how they measure up against the most important metric: carbon.

This is the industry’s first performance apparel line to be labelled entirely with its Carbon Footprint, ranging from 4.7 kg to 14.5 kg CO2e before being 100% offset to zero.

Natural Legging & Bike Short

The Natural Legging & Bike Short bring nature deeper into your workout than ever before.

Powered by a breathable blend of silky-smooth Eucalyptus Tree fibre and superfine Merino Wool, the lightweight jersey material is naturally moisture-wicking, odour-reducing, and thermoregulating.

Sitting high on the waist, their mid-weight and mid-support are perfect for everything from a brisk walk around the block to a 5k through the city.

Natural Run Form Tank

No need to layer – this tank does it all.

Form-fitting, but still breathable thanks to their proprietary blend of Eucalyptus Tree fibre and Merino wool.

Not too cropped and not too long, perfectly skimming your waistline.

Just enough to support from a built-in shelf bra, without feeling constrictive.          

Natural Run Tank & Tee

These tops carry a cool factor you just have to feel to believe, thanks to Merino Wool’s natural thermoregulating properties.

The slick, mesh structure is durable, breathable and dries quickly as your move through mile after mile.

Natural Run Short

Merino Wool is once again the star of the show here – an unconventional material choice for shorts, yet exactly the right move.

Its comfortable stretch and temperature regulation allow the loose, lightweight Natural Run Short to easily move with you through your warm-up, cool-down, and everything in between.

As with all of their products, Natural Run Apparel is packed full of premium natural fibres, designed with carbon consciousness in mind.

Unlike most sportswear brands that put their innovation muscle into oil-based plastic or default to off-the-rack synthetic material blends, Allbirds invest their R&D resources into developing low-emission natural alternatives while prioritizing recycled resources to fill the gaps.

Of course, they’re not perfect, which is why Allbirds is working hard to meet their 2025 goal of 75 per cent natural or recycled materials in everything they make, including this collection.

Natural Run Apparel showcases the performance potential of innovating from narture’s laboratory – activewear designed to move with you, without going against nature.

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