Adding microgreens to the workplace

Working nine to five in an office can take its toll. But there are plenty of ways to maximise employee health and wellbeing in the workplace – and sometimes it just comes down to a little motivation and initiative to make a start. 

Bay of Plenty seed company Kings Seeds are passionate about encouraging healthier workplace diets nationwide. They’re challenging businesses around the country to improve lunchtime nutrition by growing their own nutrient rich microgreens and sprouts in the office.

Barbara Martin, co-owner of Kings Seeds, says microgreens and sprouts are just one small part of the bigger picture, but like anything you have to start somewhere. “They are a nutritious, low cost, easy option for businesses to demonstrate to staff that their health and wellbeing is important to them,” she says.

“So many of us spend the bulk of our day at work, often sedentary, and that can lead to poor food choices. The desire to have an easy high fat, high sugar or high carb lunch (or no lunch at all) sometimes overrides the need to choose healthier options. Offering something as simple as microgreens and sprouts for staff can be a start in creating a more productive workplace.”

Martin adds that when healthy produce is close to hand in the office, it becomes an easy decision for employees to quickly add extra nutrition (and flavour) to their daily lunches and snacks.

Last year King Seeds ran a trial sending seeds to businesses around the country, to see how workplaces found growing their own microgreens and sprouts in the office. It was praised by companies who took part. 

CEO of Extra Mile Company, Eugene DeVilliers, said; “We jumped at the opportunity to put into practice one of our corporate values and that is supporting staff health and wellness. Each week we do a shared team lunch (different teams cook), and staff took up the challenge with enthusiasm to include the office grown microgreens and sprouts into each week’s meal.”

“I think watching them grow in the office made all of us more aware of what we are putting into our mouths and how easy it is to make healthy lunch choices and that’s got to be a good thing!”

For more information, visit kingsseeds.co.nz

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