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Natural beauty expert and make-up artist Emma Peters of Belle & Sage shares her top five tips for great summer skin

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1. Glow

The best way to get glowing skin, is to nourish from the inside out and outside in. Collagen boosting products are all the rage right now, and for good reason- they work. Don’t just stop at one though, use a natural collagen supplement to work from the inside, and use a collagen enhancing serum or moisturiser to work from the outside.

2. Hydrate

As cliche as it sounds, make sure you’re well hydrated. your skin is the first organ to show dehydration, so while you’re looking after your collagen production, remember to drink plenty of water, and choose a natural, hydrating moisturiser. A good exfoliating wash will remove old skin cells and allow your moisturiser to absorb better too.

3. Make your eyes pop

Summer is a time when many of us prefer to wear less makeup. it’s warmer and your skin probably has a bit of natural summer glow happening. A great trick for a minimal summer look is to keep the face clean, add a bright colour to the lips and a very natural set of false eyelashes. It sounds OTT, but there are some really natural looking lashes that will add length and depth to your lashes (without subjecting them to the damaging process of permanent individual lashes, or the sting-y chemicals form eyelash tint.)

4. Use a foundation that doubles as a sunscreen

There are some fantastic BB creams and foundations that have an SPF in them. This seems far better than applying a think greasy layer of sunscreen and then hoping your foundation will apply smoothly on top. and better than an spf moisturiser, because you’ll inevitably need to reapply your sunscreen, but wouldn’t want to be applying moisturiser all day long. Make sure though that whatever you go with is all natural, chemical sunscreens could do you more harm than good. You want your actives to be Zinc and Titanium dioxide, anything else, I’d steer clear of.

5. A good multi stick is your best friend

I always carry some form of multi use colour in my bag. Either a lipstick or a cream bush colour. Something that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks  to create a monochromatic look and is a quick and easy is refresh between summer activities. 

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