6 Strategies To Sail Into A More Resilient Self

While 2021 is looking to be a year full of continued challenges and curveballs, there’s no better time to work on building up your resilience to better cope with stress.

SailFit founder Rebekah Railton explains research is showing us that when you are constantly stressed, your ability to stay healthy and productive becomes jeopardised. She emphasizes that building resiliency towards training our brain to not always be in a “fight or flight” mode is key to a healthy life and something her and the Sailfit wellness team emphasise onboard their 81ft luxury wellness yacht Tawaki.

Rebekah shares Sailfit’s six strategies towards building a more resilient self, which were developed in partnership with SailFit’s wellness coach Micha Swallow to combat stress and enhance both mental and physical health.

A wellness day onboard SailFit

1. Remember to breathe

“Did you know that nearly 50% of us are actually breathing wrong? Research shows 15 slow and deep belly breaths help us switch off our stress response. Energy flows where the attention goes. Taking time to breathe and being conscious of it is one of the most powerful tools to overcome stress.”

2. Prioritise making connections

“Making connections is what gives our life meaning and purpose. It is also one of the biggest protectors of our mental health. In times of stress, especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns, it is so important to prioritise making connections—even if it is as simple as calling a friend on the phone.”

3. Find your joy

“Health often comes from peace of mind and peace of heart. To be healthy we need to laugh, to love and take time for ourselves. Doing things that make us happy makes our brain feel safe. Finding joy is as simple as going for a swim in the ocean or going out for coffee.”

4. Adapt your language

Each of us have thousands of thoughts a day that go through our brain, but very few of those thoughts end up being reality. You don’t need to change your life; you just need to change the way you think about it. It is so important to remember that our body hears what our mind says!”

5. Actively seek gratitude

“Appreciation really is the best medicine for worry. When we shift focus to what we appreciate, we let our brain create different pathways to think more positively. Doing this frequently makes this a habit. Whether you keep a gratitude journal or simply think about it when you shower, it has a huge impact on how you perceive the day ahead.”

6. Take time for you

Downtime is critical to sustain the level of energy we need to grow, develop and succeed. When we are intentional with our time, energy and resources we can actually relish the moment and understand where stress comes from. Making downtime non-negotiable is a big part of making us more resilient!”

SailFit’s next luxury wellness day retreat is hitting the high seas on Saturday 27 March 2021. To book your spot and build your resiliency visit: www.sailfitretreats.com/book-retreat. There’s also a chance to WIN* tickets to the retreat by subscribing to Good Magazine before 25 April 2021. Ts&Cs apply. To find out more, visit here.

SailFit originated on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey in 2017 and officially set sail on the high sea in 2019. They have now brought their luxury wellness retreats to Aotearoa’s moana. Curated as a way to give busy, hard-working professionals an opportunity to re-energise, revitalise and reset, SailFit is leading the way as a wellness tourism operator here in New Zealand. Their luxury day retreats are designed to harmonise fitness, mindfulness, exploration, adventure and fun. Offering one-day retreats and corporate/private hires, wellbeing is found with SailFit while out at sea.

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