5 ways to drive smarter with Haval H6


The Australian GWM Haval range has become more advanced with the arrival of their All-New Haval H6.

Built from the company’s new lightweight modular platform the Haval H6 is bigger yet lighter than the model it replaces and comes with higher levels of technology than any other GWM Haval SUV before.

Packed with temperature-controlled front seats, lumbar support and electronically adjustable seating, this model is GWM Haval’s smoothest ride yet.

The Haval H6 comes with a range of active and passive safety features as standard, making it one of the best value options available when it comes to technology, comfort, and safety.

More cameras for a better driving experience

Haval H6 is equipped with 5 cameras providing a 360 view while driving.

A combination of Front and Rear Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keep Assist and Emergency Lane Keep makes the H6 one of the safest medium SUVs on the road today.

ADAS cameras coupled with the powerful Eye Q4 chip to achieve adaptive cruise control with a full-speed range, keeping the vehicle cantered and allowing for a temporary hands-free mode.

Hands-free parking 

H6 takes away the hassle of parking but parking itself. Literally.

The innovative, fully automatic parking system available on the H6 Ultra means you can let go of the steering wheel and the stress of reversing into a tight spot.

With the intelligent 360-degree view of the vehicle in combination with its ultrasonic sensors, the H6 model will be able to fully automate itself to park in parallel, perpendicular, or angled parking spots.

Auto Emergency Breaking

GWM Haval takes our safety and others seriously with their new H6 model.

By including their Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB) feature, you can have true peace of mind with its pedestrian, cyclist, junction/crossroad and reverse AEB functionality.

Experience premium comfort

There’s no doubt that the H6 puts our comfort first, offering unparalleled comfort to both passengers and drivers no matter how long the drive may be.

Thanks to its dynamic 4-wheel drive system and 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, the H6 drives smoother than other SUVs out there and offers seamless gear changes, even under adverse conditions.

Enjoy heated seats and a spectacular panoramic sunroof making it impossible to deny the premium comfort the H6 offers its customers.

New lightweight turbo engine

The new lightweight turbo engine delivers maximum torque from 1500 rpm, thus improving the torque range, resulting in a faster and more linear acceleration.

With a higher compression ratio of 12:1 and a 38.2 per cent thermal efficiency, the optimized combustion system allows for more complete gasoline evaporation and combustion.

The overhead injector injects the high-pressure gasoline into the cylinder, where the fuel and air are more evenly mixed to improve fuel efficiency, helping you save more money and being their most environmentally conscious model.

More information about the new H6 model can be found online here.

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