Sunshine, sea, and summer days can dehydrate your hair, so make sure you fight back with products that nourish and condition to keep your hair in tip-top shape.  Ethique's founder Brianne West shares her tips for managing your mane through the heat. The Ethique Frizz Wrangler Bar™ is a solid shampoo for dry and damaged hair that helps keep tresses smooth and shiny, even on

Body talks, taking charge of your finances and a wellbeing reset with Dr Libby Weaver are just some of the highlights of Good magazine’s special “wellbeing” issue! Dr Libby shares a delicious liver loving recipe as well as tips for creating a daily wellbeing practice that works for

Photography Olivia Fitzpatrick. From the outside, Matilda Green’s life looks like a fairy tale. She met her prince, Art Green, on TV’s The Bachelor, got married and now has two children, a boy, Milo, 3, and a girl, Autumn, 5 months. Living the good life after trading

Most wine lovers need no persuasion to believe that their favourite drink makes life taste a little better, but a new bunch of wines literally does give back to the world in good ways, if you’ll excuse the pun. A 300 per cent increase in certified

Encouraging some of nature’s most magical insects into your garden. Butterflies are somewhere in the same genre as fairies, for me – they’re small, magical, brightly coloured and can often be found amongst flowers. And while it may seem that they were created purely for their

I did a poll on Instagram at the end of last year asking people if they thought they were creative. It was an interesting response. About 40 per cent of people did not think they were creative. The truth is, however, that human beings are

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